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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Crystal clear morning - creates rock crystals

Yesterday we had this beautiful warm morning after one cool week and I took all my jewelry things outside and enjoyed the sun and fresh air. My mind was clear, sky was clear and this jewelry which came out was clear - a jewelry from rock crystals and apatites. I call this I love Inari - IloveInari , stands for a village in Northern Finland. They have also this lake called Inari and it is beautiful, peaceful, cold and clean like these rock crystals





  1. Ihana Inari !! Whau,mäkin rakastan Inaria.

  2. I love those earrings!!! Beautiful colors!


  3. Very nice looking!!

  4. Really beautiful and a great name: Iloveinari! Go on with the good work!

  5. Hey dears, thank you so :), Im myself happy too with my IloveInari and all of you who know me knows that the colorful earrings I would wear myself too, why not Inari aswell. Thanks sisters and brothers!


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