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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Long neckless day

I make very rarely any jewels with only one kind of stone, but now I made three long necklesses like that and some few other things, so I decided to call this long neckless day. In Weekend there was again a show in Helsinki, this time we took the neighbour girls with and had a very nice day. There was same time expo from pets and farm animals and girls got get their pony ride :) while I was making some bead shopping in one of my favorite stand Helmientalo and they sure know how to serve their customers :)! Special thank for Hopkins family! The wooden beads below are supplied by Helmientalo, they have such a beautiful color!

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  1. Näitä sinun tekemiä koruja voisi katsella,joka päivä.Kauniita ja upeita värejä.Tulen ostoksille,kun kerkiän.Haluan nähdä uusimmat paikanpäällä.Hyviä Joululahja vinkkejä.


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