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Monday, 8 November 2010

New experiments

After my last update I have been practising some nice new things. Oxidizing silver and stamped letters! This is fun to do and not so easy in the beginning with the letters. Like this I can create personalized texts, like names or small poems, cute :). So here are pictures from last few things I made.


  1. Kerrassaan upeita !!!!!!!

  2. Kiitos :), tota patinointia ja kirjasimia oli hauska tehdä, näitä tulee jatkossa lisää :)

  3. Very nice work. I like that antique look!!!
    Please more of this on your blog!

  4. Thank you, just forgot to make pictures from the other works I made, they are given already forwards, but I will do more of this stuff, practise practise :)


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