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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lessons and learning

Have had educative days while working with jewels last weeks. Learning all kind of tricks how to treat silver and this weekend we had a workshop how to "reticulate" silver. It was interesting working process and at the end you get silver which surface has got "wrinkles", special beauty :). I have here a picture from the ready material, thinking of making a bracelet later on  from it (though still plenty of time to change ideas!). I added few pics from the atelier, where are our lessons.

Regular "student" in our class

working table

starting to reticulate heating process

Our wonderful teacher, Anke


  1. Ensiluokkaista työtä taas !Mä halauan sen puukenkä kaualakorun nyt heti.Ihanaa sinivalkoista.Kiva,että olet kuvannut koulustakin.Voin vain kuvitella,miten sinä viihdyt siellä.

  2. Hoi Olly.
    Hier ben ik nog een keer , je hebt heel leuke kettingen, vooral de eerste
    gr jenny

  3. Koulussa on kyllä kivaa :), kiitos kommenteista!


    Dankje, ik vind de nepalese kralen ook zo prachtige! Groetjes :)


Thanks for your comment, always appreciated :)