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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Got this blog started (!), welcome all gals and guys :)

Finally I managed to get one of these blogs for my jewellery work. Pictures above are from my recently made works. and happy to hear your comments (only positive comments will be published since I discovered that there is a button to choose the comments, hahahaaaa :) ) So, this is what I´m doing, at least before I started to make this blog and all my time was suddenly gone, no, kidding, next update will be again when I have managed to get pics from the newest jewels..

 Colors, colors, colors!

Beautifully blue Lapis Lazuli necklace in sterling silver chain wire.
Glowing Swarovksi Crystals are giving the finishing touch.

And the Lapis earrings...

This beauty fits with black evening dress for the fine evenings as it fits for a cool rocking girl!

A cheerful bracelet, all glass beads are done by me and this bracelet is carried by me too :)

So so beautiful amethysts in silver chain.

White howlites, sweetwater pearls, turquoise and silver in outstanding design. Delicious against tanned skin.

Same design to see in turquoise..
...And in amethyst purple.  

Turquoise and sterling silver, self made hammered big silver link.

 Green, metal copper and glass in leather neckless.

Black and little hint of turquoise in a beatiful obsidian stone  in sterling silver.

Earrings with stones and swarovski crystals, wrapped in silver plated wire.

So so sensitive neckless! Sweetwater pearls in sterling silver wire. For all pearl lovers!

All sorts of turquoise!

Stones & Metal

This one is funny, i used fair trade paper beads, stones, leather and silver. Very tico tico, Mexico! 

Eearings with Swarovski crystals, metal, turquoise and silver plated copper wire. Wow what a gal with these on you!

 Stones and glass in peaceful purple!

 Lovely bracelet with these beautiful stones called Apatite, all metal parts sterling silver. My personal choice :)

Many types of stones, glass, Swarovski crystals, silver beads, metal in sterling silver chain. Can be used longer or shorter.

Hematit & Onyx earings 

For me! Big, heavy and colorful :)

Black & White 

Shells and sweetwater pearls in light sterling silver wire.

Earrings in sterling silver wire, glass beads and stones, funky!

Hey you, don´t forget the comment, remember the rules from this foxey blogger, hahahaaa!


  1. You know I´m in love and find allready many ones that I would love to have! Can I make reservations? :-) Keep up the amazing work dear!

    Your biggest fan Alina

  2. Hi Alina, thanks for the very first comment, Ill have a price for you later! Sure you can make a reservation, not all the work stay in my own collection, many does, but often they get a new owner too ;).

    Hugs to my biggest fan!

  3. I fell in love... with a FEW of them.. especially:
    Black and White
    Hematit & Onyx earings
    Obsidian stone in sterling silver
    Green, metal copper and glass in leather neckless
    and the big black one..

    You are A TRUE ARTIST and I love the ones you made for me..I treasure them! And am very proud to show them to everyone :)

    Hugs to you! I hope to see you soon :)

  4. Hey Sannaah! Thanks for the commenting too and great if you like to wear yours, thats what they are for :)

    Sighs...wishes to be in warm Greece, enjoy the heat, my dear :)

  5. I am proud on your great work! This is really THE thing you like to do. And making people more beautiful with your work brings more colour to this world.
    Carry on FOX!


Thanks for your comment, always appreciated :)