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Friday, 3 September 2010

Second post, already out of the track!

This should be my jewelry blog, but I get straight out of track already the next day from my first post! Time will tell how often this will happen, but I promise you, the main line should stay jewels and my travel blog stays my travel blog. So, yesterday we were in this concert from Mayra Andrade - the "nouveau" voice from Kap Verde. 

She plays a mixture of bossanova, jazz and samba in an incredible way, playfull and jamming. In the band were two complete sets of drums with their players, two guitar players, one basist and she as a singer. Atleast I have never been in a concert before where a singer is jamming with a bas player together a complete long song, could see that they and audience enjoyed it fully! And after the bas, all band boys got their long jamming moment and they could use all their creativity, it was W O W !  

She was telling us, the audience that there exist an island called "Fire" (I have no idea where this could be, near Kap verde?) and in this island they have a very special own rythm to play drums and they use these rythms for communication, so she said that we should practise in that moment to make a connection with them, so that we can call eachother also tomorrow (a nice story). So the band plays the rythms, she sings and we all answer back to her singing. She got people in good mood and along to play with her and with the boys!

Good concert, different, have to be seen live, wouldnt/couldnt jam with this home from cd..

And what is this? This sitting place I find very amusing and how original recycling, old pallets painted white, added a carpet in the highest pallet, some happy pillows and TADAA!, you have just created an original inexpensive cauch to your garden for example. I might copy this idea, i recycle this idea!

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