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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Crystals, brownie and turquoise

I love Inari got a friend - Inari goes Ice. Rock crystals which I used here are stunning! I bought them already in summer - had them many times in my hands, but I always pushed them to the side for the "better moment". From these kind of gorgeous crystals you just cant do whatever. I still have some more left, which I pushed for the better moment :). Inari goes Ice is quite heavy, so you need to carry it with a proud! The other two necklesses got similar colors. Carnelian Goddess is to someone who needs to make her inner Goddess to come out and the other neckless has its own trick, you wear it long or short (short model comes with adding a small extra chain in it). So its from elegant to rock!


  1. Whau ! Ihana Inari ja Afrikan turkoosi.Voisin roikkua sinun blogissa koko päivän.

  2. Kiitos!, sivut ovat auki 24/7, antoisaa oleskelua :), kiva kun kävit!


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