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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Greetings from amazing Norway!

No updates for a couple of weeks, since been to Lapland and Norway. I can say, that Norway is the most beautiful country in Europe, its beauty to see again was a good reminder of that. Not saying that it would have the nicest climate, brrr-rrr! Anyway, back in town again and made something out from the treasures. Few I made on the road and one got a name according the place where I made it. And wow, not sure if any jewel can carry this name since the place was fabulous, Adamsfjord. A fjord with a waterfall, so so beautiful and peaceful!


  1. Great new designs, wow! Really like that new style with leather!

  2. Thank you and I bought a hudred meter roll this "leather", so there is many more to come, keeps me busy!


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